Autumn 15. This story was born of the word “vanguard” and it’s military connotations. The vanguard soldiers in a military formation were the risk-takers, a unit leading from the front, clearing  safe passage for the main formations to follow and advance. They forged ahead at great risk knowing they would face death as they went through enemy territory.

Sports men and women standing to attention for their National Anthems before games or competition became a parallel reference, or an interpretation of being at the vanguard of a movement where opposition, risk and some danger lay up ahead for the players before the game.

Translated lines from the Anthem formed slogans on tees and sweatshirts. Warriors Are We (Sinne Fianna Fáil) and Sworn To Be Free (Faoi mhóid bheith soar) continue the vanguard narrative. Camouflage print sweatshirts, ribbed military jumpers with shoulder and elbow patches and bomber jackets were the key pieces of the Vanguard collection.