Autumn 18. Luke Kelly and The Dubliners were not only revolutionaries from a musical point of view but from a cultural point of view also. Their combined artistic and stylistic output make them cultural heavyweights. When memorable music and daring personal style meet the results are iconic and worth remembering.

Kelly was especially fearless and along with Ronnie Drew represents the best of Irish masculinity in dressing beyond the conventional norms of Ireland in the 1970s and 80s. The collection focuses firstly on the shirts The Dubliners wore on the night of their last ever live performance. The Night Visiting Shirts are based on the five shirt styles worn by Luke, Ronnie, John Sheahan, Barney McKenna and Ciaran Bourke as they performed The Night Visiting Song amongst other of their many great hit songs.

The collection includes music inspired pieces like band tees, leather jackets, cravats, bandanas, and stomper boots as well as more Dubliner-inspired pieces like Aran jumpers, cable-knits and fisherman caps.

Print storytelling comes in the form of Luke Kelly portrait tees and a print detail seen on the strap of Luke Kelly’s banjo. Color was central to the brave style of these trail-blazing musicians and this is reflected in the Raglan collection also. The musical legacy of The Dubliners speaks for itself, the legacy they created and the boundaries they broke in expressing themselves through clothing is less mentioned but equally powerful in creating a precedent and a cultural reference for young Irishmen to follow if they wish.