The life and work of entrepreneur and author Mohed Altrad was the starting point for the story of SCAFFOLDER, a construction-industry inspired collection taking its lead from nomadism and the constantly changing urban landscape.

Altrad was born into a Bedouin nomad tribe in the Jordan desert, orphaned at 4 years old, and destined for life as a shepherd. He turned his back on this path for another, that of education, secretly walking miles across the desert to attend school against  the wishes of his grandparents.

A naturally talented student , as a teenager he pursued a scholarship and studied engineering in the north of France. It was from Montpellier he built a global scaffolding empire Altrad. He is also a published author, a philanthropist and owner of Montpellier Rugby Club which he saved from financial ruin as a gesture to the city that embraced him and gave him the opportunity of a fresh start.

Scaffolder is an athletic workwear collection taking it’s lead from the great outdoor gym that is the building site. Cargo pants , gilets, hoodies and sweatshirts with reflective hi-viz details are the key pieces. 

The print storytelling comes in the form of bollard print shirts and tees, scaffold print shirting as well as original Bedouin tribal  print shirting.